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You want to give your baby the best start in life.

Research shows that your baby’s health (for their entire life) will be heavily influenced by your health before and during pregnancy. Looking after your health is therefore one of the most important things you can do to ensure a lifetime of wellness for your children. Good nutrition can;

  • Provide what your baby needs to develop properly
  • Prevent and manage gestational diabetes and related risks to you and your child
  • Improve you and your baby’s gut health to help avoid illnesses and chronic conditions as they grow up
  • Help with common ailments during pregnancy such as; morning sickness, fatigue, constipation, aches & pains
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Babies & Toddlers

When your baby is born, and over the first few years of their life, nutrition plays a key role in the development of their brain, immune system and rapidly growing body. Poor nutrition or individual factors such as genetics, lifestyle and environment can compromise their development with lifelong implications. Good nutrition, tailored to how your child’s body works can go a long way towards preventing illness and the development of chronic conditions. Nutrition can also help with;

  • Reflux, colic & failure to thrive
  • Introducing solids & fussy eating
  • Allergies, intolerances, eczema & asthma
  • Recurring infections
  • Constipation, diarrhoea & sleep difficulties


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School Age Children

As children reach school age, they have both new developmental needs and the challenge of a changing lifestyle and routine.

There are increasing physical demands for growth and play and their brains must cope with new ways of learning and engaging both intellectually and emotionally with the world around them.  During this time, common illnesses or challenges of early childhood can contribute to the development of longer-term chronic conditions. Good nutrition can provide strong foundations for their teenage years and help with;

  • Behavioural and neurological challenges such as anxiety, depression, ADHD/ADD & Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Growth spurts and weight management
  • Allergies, intolerances, eczema & asthma
  • Recurring infections and autoimmune diseases
  • Constipation, diarrhoea, bedwetting & sleep difficulties
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As children become teenagers, their lifestyle changes dramatically. They must deal with the demands of education, social activities, work and extracurricular activities. At the same time, their brains are rewiring, hormones are changing and their bodies are under mental, emotional and physical pressure. During this time, good nutrition can help with;

  • Skin conditions and weight management
  • Low energy and improving sleep patterns
  • Boosting the immune system to avoid missing days at school
  • Preventing and managing autoimmune conditions (e.g. coeliac disease and type 1 diabetes)
  • Stress, anxiety and depression, hormone balance & mood
  • Increased nutrient demands of growth spurts
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From the moment you learn you are pregnant and realise that you are going to be responsible for another human being, your priorities change. You put their needs ahead of your own in every aspect of your life. However this often leads to you neglecting your own needs, leaving you exhausted, unwell and less able to be the mum you want to be. After growing a tiny human (or 3), your body can be left depleted of nutrients that can take years to build back up. Nutrition can help you with;

  • Breastfeeding your new baby
  • Postnatal and ongoing depression & anxiety
  • Hormonal problems (e.g. PMS, irregular or heavy periods)
  • Thyroid problems and weight management
  • Fatigue, mood & low libido
  • Food intolerances and digestive problems (IBS, bloating, constipation/diarrhoea)
  • Autoimmune conditions such as psoriasis and Hashimoto’s disease
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You won’t find it full of food pics at hipster cafes or me raving about the latest and greatest green smoothie I had, before hitting the beach to finish the day meditating at sunset. My blog is about practical, affordable actions you can take week to week that will make a meaningful difference to your family’s lifelong health.

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– Sharon

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Sometimes general advice is not enough.  Because of our genetics, lifestyle and environment, what works for one person may not work for another. Our unique differences and challenges require individual solutions that build on good foundations to address your specific concerns, symptoms and conditions.

To find out if a personalised approach is required for you and your family I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss your needs.  On this call I can let you know if a further consultation or one of my webinars or workshops is the next best step for you.

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“I feel like we are a lot healthier, happier and we get along a lot better.”

– Charmaine

About Jo

My mission is to help your children live longer, healthier and happier lives.Jo Atkinson, Nutritional Medicine Practitioner

You are probably reading this because you want to make some changes to improve the health of your family. As a mum of 3, I understand how challenging it can be to do this. Watching your child suffer through eczema, constant infections, allergies, autoimmune conditions, poor sleep or behaviour problems is heartbreaking and frustrating, and as parents we often feel guilty that we aren’t doing enough. I know this, because this is my story too.

Starting From Scratch

Six years ago I did not understand just how foundational good nutrition was for my family’s lifelong health. I thought I was feeding them the right way. The kids lunch boxes were packed with muesli bars, low fat yoghurt and what I thought were healthy sandwiches. We were eating “healthy” cereals for breakfast and dinner was a battleground as I tried to get my children to eat their vegetables. Yet, between them, they were not sleeping well, had trouble concentrating at school and were frequently sick and tired. They also had tummy and head aches all the time, suffered from anxiety and were taking antihistamines daily.

I had struggled with digestive issues since I was a teenager, as well as anxiety, depression and weight problems. After the birth of my children, I struggled with postnatal depression and my weight kept creeping up. I have no photos of me with my children over a period of about 3 years because I hated the way I looked – and this breaks my heart. My son and I were both diagnosed with coeliac disease and with a strong family history of thyroid disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer, I knew something had to change.

I started looking at food in a different way and questioning what are we actually eating when we have a muesli bar, or low fat yoghurt. I also started to look at why we were eating like this, and the excuses I gave myself not to make the changes I knew we desperately needed.

Finding Answers

I finally realised that I was in control of my life – what I ate, how I felt about myself and what I fed my family. This was incredibly empowering and it allowed me to move past my old beliefs and commit to making better choices – choices that would have a lasting impact on my whole family.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” – Albert Einstein.


I also found that there was a big difference between the “products” being passed off as food, and the nutrition the body actually needs. This insight and my frustration at having been led astray by brands and unqualified advice that I had trusted motivated me to taking things into my own hands and complete a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional Medicine.

Now I understand what nutrients the body really needs to thrive, and use my education to help parents like me provide the nutrition their children need to live long, healthy and happy lives.

Many parents feel overwhelmed by conflicting information and are often turned off by fanatical approaches to food and diet which are just not sustainable for their families.

My practical approach is based on what I continue to learn through my ongoing education and the real world experience of having to transform my family’s entire approach to how we eat. Through this experience and what I have learned coaching others through workshops, online communities and now as a practitioner focused on nutrition, I provide guidance and support on making sustainable changes that will actually work for your family.

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Making changes can be overwhelming and dealing with the resistance and advice from well meaning family and friends is also a barrier that needs to be overcome. However, giving your children the foundation of good health through proper nutrition is one of the best things you can do in your role as their parent.

I’d like to support you and your family, and I invite you join other like-minded parents in my workshops, courses and online community. This community of committed and passionate parents is also there to support you in your mission to provide the nutritional foundations of lifelong wellness for your children. I hope you will join us.

Sincerely, Jo